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Voice Over IP

Williams Trinity Group offers Voice Over IP Solutions to fit your needs. From small office environments to large scale corporate enterprises and call centers, we have you covered. Our Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions are tailored to your business needs. Our services also allow for you to answer and place calls on your cell phone just as if you were in the office and outbound calls caller ID shows your business phone number, not a personal cell phone. This makes it simple for colleagues to have 1 extension to transfer calls to and know they will get to you where you are. Whether you are looking to replace your current devices and service or are not happy with your current provider, we can help. We understand the need for reliable phone service and how that translates to business. No cookie cutter solutions here.

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Cradle Services

We are a proud authorized reseller of Cradlepoint devices. We understand the Internet access is extremely important to any business. Maybe you have VoIP Phone Service, have online orders, or just need to be able to process credit cards without internet, none of these will happen. What does that mean to your business to have an outage even for just an hour? We understand this need and our technicians do as well. We can provide you with options that help your business function even when a wired connection is unavailable. We can even provide your business with setup and support of your Cradlepoint devices. We also can provide you with the data service for them including service with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

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WTG provides high quality IT Services. Our services offer proactive monitoring of computers, servers, and network equipment. Our technicians listen to the needs of our clients and then provide solutions that provide best practices.

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IT Services

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Security Services

WTG uses the latest technologies for your security needs. We use industry standard practices and leading software packages to help protect your environment. We use two factor authentications on our software as well so that the highest standards are used in protecting your environment.

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