IT Account Management Services

User Access Management

User Access Management (UAM), also known as identity and access management (IAM), sounds easy, but if you don’t understand the impact of the changes you make, it can have some bad consequences. Williams Trinity Group takes IT account management seriously and will work to ensure that settings are correct. Active Directory management is just one component of setting up user accounts and assigning permissions to each user. Within that you have Group Policy which is setup so that you can assign access to users and other network resources. Printer setup is also a part of IT account management.

Whether the printer is local, or it is on your network, making sure that users have the right permissions will allow them access. Getting the wrong access to someone can be a security risk and that is where Printer management comes in. You would not want all employees to be able to print to the check printer or your HR department to print to the outside the department. We help with license updates as well. Whether you are needing to update a Microsoft, Adobe, or other software we can help you get the version that need. With our Remote Management and Monitoring package we can remotely push Patch Updates for your applications like Windows, Windows Server, or Office 365. Our tools at Williams Trinity Group can help to manage your environment and take away the hassles of IT account management.

IT Account Management