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Voice Over IP

Why Williams Trinity Group?

Williams Trinity Group offers a fully integrated internet-based phone solutions for your business. We can deploy many different types of phones or possibly use existing phones. We will manage the telephone service for you. When combined with our support package we can monitor your systems and manage you companies’ environment to ensure network and call quality.

Voice Over IP
Voice Over IP Background

Fully Integrated Mobile App

With our system you can reach busy employees anytime through a single business number that can automatically ring to their mobile app. This allows calls to be directed right to an employee’s smartphone through a business number. This app also allows you to make calls displaying the company phone number on your customers caller ID which increases privacy for your employees and adds professionalism for your business.

Video Meetings with Screen Sharing

Teams users can conduct full video experience for your meetings. Whether your meeting is one-on-one or one-to-many, guests can be internal or external to your company. Additionally, users and guests can share screens in meetings to collaborate, whether it’s on one screen, multiple screens, several browser windows, or just specific applications.

United Interface

Users can take and make calls and send instant messages with others. Whether you are sending messages one-to-one or one-to-many across their entire organization. With this you can communicate the way you want…voice, instant message, or video.


With Teams, users can view and manage voicemails from their contacts on a single screen. You can also view message transcriptions (with transcription service). This will allow you to quickly view each message and determine quickly if it is priority without having to listen to each message.

Call History

Users with our system will have the ability to review all of their activity for calls over the previous 90 days. There are even multiple filter options that will help you quickly sort and manage you activity.

Enterprise Contacts

All users will have access to all their enterprise contacts. You can see each users’ presence and start calls, meetings, or chats with them with a click of a button. Users also can add, edit, or delete contacts.

Where you need it.

When you need it.